Thursday, March 03, 2011

It was very sad that the purchasers of the Inn - Debby Sells, Denise Sells, Bobby Allen and Crystal Allen, much as we feared, were out of business within a year. We have heard first hand from company hired to clean the inn after they were finally removed, that they destroyed the inn, living like animals in the building for several months after electricity and water were shut off. The Inn was foreclosed on and for sale.

It is for sale, we believe through Lloyd & Day, probably at a great price. Hope someone will restore it to level we had brought it up to.

When we were negotiating with the Sells and Allens they claimed to have owned the Honeymoon Hotel in Branson MO. We attempted to contact the realtor, chamber and others there, but no one would give us any information on these people. Now we know why. If you are considering a business deal with Debby Sells a/k/a Debra Sells a/k/a Debbie Sells, Denise Sells, Bobby Allen a/k/a Robert Allen, Crystal Allan a/k/a Chris Allan, we are happy to describe our ordeal. One of our attorney's referred to them and their extended family (about 11 in all moving into the buildng) as "the Grifters." Apropos.