Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 15, 2008

Well, after 10 years we finally sold the inn, sort of. Keep posted for a unbelievable account of the "grifters" who "purchased" the inn, after a year of putting us through hell. Sadly, the future of the inn is in question as I doubt they will survive given the changes they made, their business practices, and the bills they routinely fail to pay.

A foreclosure auction was postponed until December 2, 2008 by Laconia Savings, the local lender unwilling to work with them in trying to finance, while the big national lender from Texas was extremely cooperative, so much for the advice to bank local. Certainly not worth doing it with Laconia Savings.

An article detailing the problems we had in trying to sell, including spending weeks trying to have someone with authority act. The county attorney, Robin Gordon, would not even have the courtesy to respond to emails or phone calls despite providing evidence of ongoing fraud - she is up for re-election, so would strongly recommend anyone running against her - hopefully they would at least make some effort to respond to the public they are suppose to be protecting. The town police chief was ineffectual at best - responding that the county attorney Robin Gordon instructed him to do nothing. Similarly, the town attorney, repeated instructed the fire marshall not to act, he was the one individual that took his duties seriously, and as he expressed could not stand by while these people violated the law. But alas, the town attorney was more concerned over the town getting sued, than trying to end illegal activity - forget about the 10 year business that was a tax paying and law abiding resident of the town who had grounds to sue the town, and still might, but rather their concern was the criminals operating blatantly and unrepentantly.